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Complete Commercial and Industrial Construction Solutions

Progressive Builders, Inc. conducts commercial, industrial, and petroleum building contracting. As your full-service contractor and construction firm, we do everything from start to finish. Our full range of design and construction services includes gas stations, industrial complexes, restaurants, and retail outlets.

Since 1965, Progressive Builders, Inc. has offered comprehensive general contracting for commercial and light industrial companies. Originally founded to serve the major oil companies and retail gasoline market, we have constructed service stations in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia for Esso™ (now Exxon Mobil™), Gulf Oil™ (now BP Petroleum™), Texaco™, Shell™, Mobil™, and Amoco™. As the oil industry evolved from service stations to full retail outlets that offer food services, we adapted to include customers such as Burger King™, Pizza Hut™, and Subway™.

In the ever-changing retail market, our customer base shifted to independent gasoline marketers who require the services of an experienced partner to plan, develop, and execute projects that benefited from a full-service contractor. Progressive Builders, Inc. responded by offering "turnkey" design build services that include site layout, conceptual building design, architectural and civil professionals selection, equipment supplier selection, bid analysis, and quality construction.

Progressive Builders, Inc. is family-owned and operated, with the third generation now at the helm. We are celebrating more than 50 years in business.

Quality, customer care, and integrity set us apart from the competition. We think of each project as if it was our own, and we take pride in everything we do.

New construction expands your business. Contact the general contractors of Progressive Builders, Inc. at (864) 246-3386 in Greenville, South Carolina, for our commercial and industrial construction services.